A-G Analysis

A-G Transcript Analysis

The SDCOE Learning and Leadership’s Equity and Access Team partners with school districts in the endeavor to determine if high school students are prepared for a wide array of post-secondary opportunities. It accomplishes this through a transcript analysis that aims to uncover strong practices within schools, as well as barriers that prohibit students from accessing rigorous course work that prepares them for college and career. School leaders and staff can utilize the data analysis to take action to address the opportunity gap that may exist for students in their system.

What is A-G?

The University of California (UC) system has established a set of subject requirements for admission into a four-year university. All courses from California high schools and online schools that satisfy the "A-G" subject requirements must be approved annually by UC, and appear on the institution's "A-G" course list.

A-G subject requirements represent the following academic disciplines: A- History, B- English Language Arts, C- Mathematics, D- Laboratory Sciences, E- Language Other Than English (LOTE), F- Visual and Performing Art, and G- College-Preparatory Electives.

For more information on “a-g” refer to http://www.ucop.edu/agguide/a-g-requirements/.

What is the dashboard’s function?

The dashboard is a tool that synthesizes students’ transcript data to provide information on whether students are on track to meet A-G. It is a dynamic system that integrates student demographic information with their academic data to allow staff the ability to analyze factors that may impact student performance.

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